Evenement 100 jaar VNCI

Behind the scenes @Amsterdam & ACID

Datum 19 oktober 2018


This year, the VNCI (Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry) celebrates its 100th anniversary. This memorable fact is marked with a number of 'Behind the scenes' events at various locations throughout the country.

On Friday 19 October, the Port of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam will host Behind the scenes @Amsterdam & ACID at Amsterdam Science Park. The event will be combined with the Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day (ACID), the annual joint event of the UvA's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, the Amsterdam Green Campus and the Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam.


Behind the scenes @Amsterdam will focus on Innovation and Future Human Capital
Are you interested in chemical inventions and innovations? Do you know what Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has to offer in that respect? Find out at Behind the scenes @Amsterdam & ACID! Furthermore, we will discuss how the employee of the future might look like. A great opportunity to meet chemists from other companies (from startup to SME and multinational) as well as chemistry students, researchers and representatives of the Topsector Chemistry. Representatives of the physics research department will also be present.




Behind the Scenes @Amsterdam & ACID is a joint event of VNCI, Port of AmsterdamVan ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Science (HIMS)Amsterdam Green Campus and Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam (ILCA). The event will take place at Science Park Amsterdam.



If you want to bring your own poster -A1 size portrait- please let us know: events@vnci.nl.

​For more informatie about the companies and workshops, see the program below.


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Bekijk programma


Program (English spoken)



Assembly/welcome at Science Park (hall)



Company visits to: 


Albemarle: The Albemarle Refining Solutions business unit develops products used in the global refining industry. For example, we develop catalysts that help to produce cleaner-burning fuels and others, that help to utilize scarce raw materials in the most efficient way. Many of these catalysts are made at our Amsterdam site, which is one of the largest facilities in the Refining Solutions business unit


ICL: ICL Amsterdam produces nearly 600.000 tons of hig quality NPK fertilizers per year for customers all over the world. This plant has also been a front runner in the reuse of phosphates from waste streams for years.


Prodock: Prodock is the port of Amsterdam’s innovation hub. A place where ambitious companies, both growing and established, are able to test and scale new products, services and processes. Prodock offers ‘plug & play’ industrial facilities combined with modern office space, meeting rooms and event spaces. Furthermore, it provides the exposure required to implement port related innovations in real world situations.

ChainCraft: ChainCraft develops mixed culture fermentation technologies and thus produces fully sustainable biobased chemicals. A good example of an innovative, sustainable start-up in chemistry.


Avantium:  Avantium is a leading technology company specialized in the area of advanced catalytic research. Based on its expertise the company developed a novel process for the creation of commercial PEF. It is a cost competitive technology platform to catalytically convert plant based materials into biobased chemicals and bioplastics like PEF.


PPG: Architectural Coatings EMEA is the 2nd largest supplier of paint, coatings, optical products and specialty materials in Europe. PPG sells decorative, woodcare and specialty coatings to professional painters. In Amsterdam, PPG produces indoor paint and houses a large R&D center, where they investigate marine and industrial coatings as well as alternative resources and pigments.


Science Park and the Startup Village: Science Park is home to a wide range of chemistry research and business. Fundamental and applied chemical research is executed at Van ’t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, chemistry startups are born at the Startup Village, and SMEs do their (R&D) business in one of six Matrix buildings.





Lunch and posters (Network oppertunity - See what both academic and industrial participants are doing by visiting their posters. Have a walk around to ask your urgent questions) (If you want to bring your own poster -A1 size portrait- please let us know: events@vnci.nl)



Plenary welcome with chairman Joost Hoebink & local host prof. dr. ir. Peter Schoenmakers (UvA)


Proud of 100 years of chemistry and Roadmap 2050, Chemistry for Climate by Colette Alma (Director VNCI)


Discussion: reaction of Amsterdam cluster on roadmap 2050 with chairman Joost Hoebink and Colette Alma (Director VNCI)


Scientific lecture 'How to force a molecular thread through a macrocyclic ring?' by prof. dr. Jan van Maarseveen (UvA)






Break-out sessions - round 1


Circular Chemistry by prof. dr. John Grin (UvA) (Also interesting to read (in Dutch): John Grin in Chemie Magazine)


'Chemistry employee of the future' (discussion Industrial HRM - students)
A college tour session about the future of working in chemistry. The panel consists of Tom van Aken (CEO Avantium), Ruud Koene (Executive consultant and former Managing Director Rütger Resins) and Maurien Olsthoorn (Corporate Science Fellow Analysis & Characterization, DSM).


Computer Aided Chemistry by prof. dr. Peter Bolhuis (UvA)
Computer aided chemistry can lead to revolutionary new research methods, better synthesis routes and catalysts, better materials and analytical methods and the interpretation of spectroscopic data. During this interactive session several current and new developments will be discussed.


NWO & TKI chemistry 'Research funding for public private partnerships' by Tim Vos (Programme Manager, NWO)
In this session Tim Vos of NWO will present the funding opportunities within the fund for Public-private partnerships (PPP). Marijn Goes  of the “TKI Chemie”  will explain details on the additional available incentives (“PPS toeslag”, and how all PPP funding opportunities are related to the Roadmaps of the Topsector Chemistry.


Sensor Materials by dr. Stefania Grecea (UvA)
What advances the development of sensing technologies? How can we make cheaper and more reliable sensors? All we need to know is that smart materials save the world.






Break-out sessions - round 2


Art Conservation by dr. Katrien Keune (Paintings Research Scientist & Chemist, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and Associate Professor, HIMS), prof. dr. Piet Iedema and prof. dr. ing. Maarten van Bommel
The chemistry of art conservation can be extremely complex. Within this session we will highlight some projects in which industry and conservation scientists collaborate, resulting in new methodologies and solutions which are of benefit for both fields.


Career information & careercoaches (for students)
Are you unsure what to do after you master or PhD? Or do you consider switching careers? Visit the KNCV career coaches for a good conversation and helpful advice.


KNCV - Scientific storytelling by Marloes ten Kate (Presenter, science journalist and pogramma maker, KNCV) (max 12 people)
What makes a story a story? And what makes a story a good story? Using techniques from improvisational theatre, Marloes ten Kate will give you a few tips and tricks to enhance your scientific story!


Principles for Circular Chemistry by dr. Chris Slootweg (UvA)
'By expanding the scope of sustainability to the entire lifecycle of chemical products, the concept of Circular Chemistry aims to replace today's linear 'take-make-dispose' approach with circular chemical processes, which will optimize resource efficiency across chemical value chains and enable a closed-loop, waste-free chemical industry.'


Soft Matter by prof. dr. Peter Bolhuis (UvA)





Plenary closing with chairman Joost Hoebink and Bernard Wientjes (chairman VNCI)





Drinks and posters (Network oppertunity - See what both academic and industrial participants are doing by visiting their posters. Have a walk around to ask your urgent questions) (If you want to bring your own poster -A1 size portrait- please let us know: events@vnci.nl)




Buffet (till 19:00)