Meet the Chemistry Top Talents: Lale Yildiz

In deze maandelijkse column stelt een chemie toptalent zich voor en neemt je mee in de wereld van de ‘Chemistry Top Talents Community’. Het beurzenprogramma van de VNCI, gericht op het verbinden van bedrijven, studenten en universiteiten. Het doel? Meer doorstroom van chemie toppers naar het bedrijfsleven, die vervolgens innovatieve oplossingen ontwikkelen voor een duurzame toekomst. In de afgelopen 6 jaar hebben we al 97 toptalenten vanuit 11 universiteiten gekoppeld aan 29 chemiebedrijven. 


Introduce yourself/ History / How did you get involved in the TSC scholarship? / What is your current situation? / What are your plans for the future? 

I am Lale Nur Yıldız, a first year MSc student at TU Delft in Chemical Engineering from Istanbul, Turkey. Right before I started my studies in the Netherlands, I was informed about VNCI and the associated Topsector Chemistry Scholarship. I signed up for this program, because as much as studying abroad is a great experience, so is having an insight into the chemical industry in the associated country. After all, theoretical knowledge becomes even more functional when it is molded with practical usage.

What extracurricular activities have you done so far? / Ambassador activities? / What have you learned from it? 
During my Bachelor studies, I worked on a design project about various fermentation processes, which made me eager to apply to DSM for my internship. Moreover, the effort they put into becoming more sustainable truly impresses me. I am committed to receiving the best I can from the various opportunities at DSM. At the same time, I feel a great responsibility to serve this community with all my endeavours and want to take the community even further. 

In what way did the scholarship help you with your development or your career? / Has the scholarship other benefits? / Why would you recommend this scholarship to other students? 
Although I have not started my internship yet, this program has already guided me to develop personally and professionally in various ways. I am working with other Topsector Chemistry Scholars in a committee to organize trips to chemical plants, which increases my communication and organization skills. It is also possible to join any kind of lectures, trainings and many other kinds of events. Becoming an ambassador is also a great way to help others who are going through the same processes that you have been. To conclude, the VNCI Scholarship is a great way to improve yourself and enjoy your studies with many other fellow students!

Haal toptalent binnen met de VNCI Chemiebeurs
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