15th Global Congress on Process Safety

Datum 31 maart 2019


2019 Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety

The AIChE Spring Meeting is the year’s key technical conference for practicing chemical engineers. A wide range of subjects relevant to the current needs of industry is covered. Plus, the Global Congress on Process Safety covers the critical needs of process safety practitioners more broadly and deeply than any other conference. 


Agreement between AIChE and Short Course Instructors

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and the short course instructor will equally split net revenues for the proposed short course to be held at the 2019 Global Congress on Process Safety in New Orleans, Louisiana. The courses will take place on Sunday, March 31, 2019. The cost to attend the short course will be either $500 or $600 depending on whether or not a CCPS book will be included in course materials given out.  Expenses that will be deducted from gross revenue include:

  • Audio/Visual equipment rental
  • Coffee/snack costs (lunch will not be served)
  • CCPS books given as course materials
  • Shipping cost of course materials
  • Site, marketing, registration, and organization costs

AIChE will provide the room for the short course at no charge, while instructors will be responsible for paying for their travel to conduct the short course, as well as any room and board expenses.

AIChE will collect all registration fees.  Upon completion of the course AIChE will make a payment to the short course instructors 1-2 months after the course has been completed. AIChE reserves the right to cancel the short course should there be insufficient attendance.


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