Agri meets Chemicals: From Waste to Taste

Datum 16 november 2017

Deloitte and Rabobank will host the fourth edition of Agri meets Chemicals on the 16th November 2017 in Rotterdam. This year's conference will focus on the food packaging value chain under the theme “From Waste to Taste” and will be in TED-style Talks. Jerome Peribere, CEO of Sealed Air and Lars Feldskou, SVP Group Procurement at Danish Crown are the first confirmed key note speakers.


This year's theme: From Waste to Taste

The continued growth in demand for food – quantitative and qualitative – is increasing the environmental footprint of the agricultural value chain and pushing it far beyond sustainable levels. Given the tremendous waste of food in the chain from the land to the brand, packaging has a key role to play, especially in the Western world where most waste occurs at the retailer and consumer. Reducing waste while preserving the taste of food is therefore a key area of innovation and collaboration for the players and stakeholders in the ecosystem. The challenge with this opportunity lies in the fact that packaging material, particularly plastics, is itself harmful waste if it ends up in landfills or oceans and is not re-used or recycled. Smart packaging that improves the functionality, sustainability, circularity of the solutions while being economic is the holy grail of the innovators in this ecosystem. This requires a holistic approach and concerted effort of the different actors in agriculture, (bio-)chemicals, food, retail and government taking into account trends such as urbanization, smaller households and digitalization.

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A detailed agenda will follow in due course.